Sun City Cup 2024

Rankings after groupstage:

Men's & LSD average

  1. Edin 16,7
  2. Gösgens 38,9
  3. Nyman 11,1
  4. Ramsfjell 18,1
  5. Hårstad 24,2
  6. Bryce 45,6
  7. Burning Goats 17,5
  8. Ribotta 41,4
  9. Lindström 46,2
  10. Klima 56,2
  11. J. Westerberg 63,1
  12. Iseli 85,6
  13. Klaremo 118,4
  14. Väderstad 27,2
  15. Genner 46
  16. Krasue 57,7
  17. Tanner 51,7
  18. Stych 58,1

Women's & LSD average

  1. Wranå 20,6
  2. Fujisawa 51,9
  3. Hasselborg 64,5
  4. Hürlimann 31,8
  5. Constantini 33,1
  6. Turmann 54
  7. Rørvik 43,1
  8. Dupont 52,9
  9. Moberg 38,8
  10. Sweeping Beauties 119
  11. Austria 141,1

About the event

Sun City Cup will be played at Karlstad curling rink and will be the last event on tour hosting 18 men's and 12 women's teams for a total purse of 112 000,- sek. 

  • Dinner Saturday at the rink included for 4 people. Additional people can pay directly at the dinner.
  • Women's division has 12 teams divided into 2 groups of 6. Groupwinners advance straight to semis. If the event has 12 teams the overall ranked 3-6 advance to quarterfinals based on internal results if possible, otherwise LSD. If total teams equal to an uneven number the rankings will be solely based from the grouprankings. Internal result will then go ahead of LSD.
  • Men's division has 18 teams divided into 3 groups of 6. Overall ranked 1-8 advance to quarterfinals.
  • There are no 3rd prize games, only final.

Practice & LSD

15 minutes before scheduled starting time there is s 5 min practice per team where team first on the schedule plays first with yellow stones. Team that has had practice plays one LSD. First team chooses anti clockwise or clockwise rotation. Next team plays the opposite rotation.

This LSD is to decide hammer and later used if internal results isn’t enough to decide playoff-teams. The worst LSD is later removed from results.

Practice and LSD will be announced.


All matches are played over 8 ends with an extra end if necessary. If no points are scored in the extra end the teams will play one draw to the button for the game.

Team with hammer in the extra end will decide which team draws first. Free choice of turn for the first team. The second team plays the opposite turn. No-tick rule are in effect.

During the whole playoff the highest ranked team can choose hammer or stones and will get the lowest ranked team.